Bikers from Florida to Finland have had their riding experience changed forever with ROCKOUTS!

What the pros have to say about Rockouts...

"Just ordered 10 more sets.

After trying 2 sets and having 2 other customers put them in (4 total) these are now a standard part of all my engine kits. They are a stocking item in my shop and will be used on every build from here on out...."

-Chad Groves, owner, master tuner/builder,

Wide Open Cycles

Fredericksburg, VA

And just a few comments from actual users on the world's largest Harley Davidson online forum...
"I had been telling the tech I use at the dealer about the Rockouts. So when I had my bike in there for some work I had him install the Rockouts. The ticking is gone and when the service manager walked by my bike as it was running he stopped and said my bike was the most quiet he had ever heard. Had the tech order some for his bike. In fact I think he said he ordered a set of 10. I have to agree. None of my previous Harleys were this quiet. FWIW I'm running Woods TW 777 cams and the valve train sounds like a well oiled sewing machine."

"Last Week I installed the Rocker Inserts in my 02 Road King.
Prior to install sounded like a handful of nuts in the front rocker box. After install .......... Amazing difference on idle and running down the road. Well worth the time and effort to install. Excellent product."

"Installed them on my 2012 Street Bob, nice and quiet now."

"The ROCKOUT inserts shut my top-end noise WAY down - almost non-existent now. Best $15 I've spent on the bike. 2012 Ultra Limited."

"Just as described and installed perfectly on my bike. I recommend these to anyone with that annoying twin cam rocker tap."

"A great product for an equal great price. Item does exactly what it is advertised to do. I couldn't be happier."

          "Installed mine last night. I admit I was skeptical when I saw this but like others have    said, for $15 and a few hours time it couldn't seem to hurt. Some of these bikes are worse than others and mine always seemed to be louder. After doing my 107 I really figured the ticking was just going to be louder (and it was) but it's an exposed engine, so what can
you do? THAT annoying noise is now gone. I really was shocked and genuinely
pleased that something so simple and inexpensive but perfectly designed
worked exactly as described. I would and will recommend these to anyone
that asks."

"My engine was recently apart thanks to a blown head gasket so took that
opportunity to have dealer install the Rockouts. My bro-in-law had the
kit sitting on his shelf waiting for a rainy day to install them in his
Sportster but my rainy day came before his. Anyway, my top end is much
quieter now. I'm convinced they work to substantially dampen lifter

"Completely works as advertised and don't even get me started on the
customer service. To make a long story short I needed 1 extra insert
     and 1 was on the way the same day. If you're on the fence about pulling the trigger.....stop waffling and just do it. You won't be sorry!"

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